1. Hiking in the Swiss Alps

  2. Weekend jaunt to Interlaken, Switzerland


  3. What makes for a successful work retreat?

  4. rachelzavarella:

    Steel City Jazz Fest poster image. 

    Music festival: Aug 22nd-25th in Hamilton, Ontario


  5. Sean Busby’s attitude toward t1 diabetes blows my mind:

    I try to think of my diabetes as a best friend, meaning that until a cure is found my diabetes is always going to be there—just like a best friend.  Sure we may have occasional arguments (just like you do with any friend) but no matter where I go, my diabetes is going to keep on sticking to my side.  If I choose to be friendly back, then we will get along much better and I will be able to do whatever I want to do.”

  6. graffiti in the garden

    Geneva, Switzerland

  7. The skyline from St. James’ Park. I love that it looks like an infinity pond (it’s not) 

  8. My absolute favourite portrait from the Queen’s portrait gallery. Little pudgy marshmallow boy.


  9. Absolutely mind blowing to read a diabetic’s story that so closely mirrors my own, written by a 24 year old woman who lives halfway around the world. A small reminder that we’re never really alone in what we are experiencing in this big ol’ world. 

    "I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when I was 12 years old. I was in 7th grade, and before diabetes, I was a happy go-lucky girl. I was active, and did well in school and sports. After my diagnosis, I took my diet very seriously but in truth, I hated the painful injections I was required to take each day. I worked hard on overcoming social fears, keeping appointments with my doctor, checking blood sugars regularly and eating well. Fortunately, when I graduated from university and began working, I understood the importance of informing friends, and office co-workers about my condition, especially about the risk of hypoglycemia and what happens to me during low blood sugar episodes. I dislike pity and my co-workers understood this about my nature and supported me."

  10. Classic tourist photo